People We Know

PEOPLE WE KNOW is a podcast dedicated to our enthusiasm for and fascination with fictional characters from every creative medium. Join your host, comedian Andy Sell and his guests and co-hosts as they explore a new character each week.

#29 Z-Man (Beyond the Valley of the Dolls), Featuring Greg Franklin (The Drawn Together Movie)
#28 Frankenstein (Mary Shelley's Tortured Psyche), Featuring Rivers Langley (The Good From The Woods)
#27 Scrooge McDuck (Ducktales), Featuring Greg Edwards (Thug Notes)
#26 Michael Jordan (NBA Basketball), Featuring Jeff Sewing
#25 Hobbes (Calvin & Hobbes), Featuring Adam Cayton-Holland (Grawlix, Those Who Can't)
#24 Spider-Man (Does Whatever a Spider Can), Featuring Jeff May
#23 The Dude (The Big Lebowski), Featuring Ryan Pfeiffer (Crabdiving)
#22 The House Lannister (Game of Thrones), Featuring Joe Dosch
#21 The Undertaker (WWE), featuring Paul Laier
#20 Silver Surfer (Marvel Comics), Featuring Phil Gould
#19 Peter Venkman (Ghostbusters), Featuring Rye Silverman (Chick Like Me)
#18 Phil Connors (Groundhog Day), Featuring Adam Allgood
#17 Bane (Batman), featuring John Gallagher
#16 Vinnie Chase (Entourage), featuring Will Weldon
#15 Chief Tyrol (Battlestar Galactica), featuring Dave Ross (Terrified with Dave Ross)
#14 The Doctor (Doctor Who) - Part 1, featuring Rye Silverman (Chick Like Me Blog) and Monika Scott (End of the World Show)
#13 Monsters We Know Part 4 - Halloween Halloween Roundtable, feat. Robert Kerr, Dan Ast, and more!
#12 Monsters We Know Part 3 - Ash Williams (The Evil Dead Trilogy) featuring JC Currais
#11 Monsters We Know Part 2 - Vincent Price (House on Haunted Hill, Abominable Dr. Phibes, and more!), featuring Bill Kopp (Eek! the
#10 Monsters We Know Part 1 - Chucky (Child's Play), featuring Zack Kahn, and more!
#9 Peggy Olson (TV's "Mad Men"), featuring Stephanie Hasz and Leah Kayajanian
#8 Ace Ventura (you know where from), featuring Brandie Posey (Lady to Lady)
#7 Liz Lemon (TV's "30 Rock"), featuring Monika Scott and co-host: Leah Kayajanian
#6 Jules Winnfield (Pulp Fiction), featuring Fernando Ramos Sosa and Co-host Monika Scott
#5 Not the Superman we Know
#4 Elaine Benes (TV's "Seinfeld"), featuring Barbara Gray (Lady to Lady Podcast/Live Show) and co-host Leah Kayajanian (Comedian, W
#3 Deadpool (Marvel Comics), featuring guest Atif Myers (Comedian, Dateless Losers Podcast) and co-host Leah Kayajanian (Comedian,
#2 Tony Soprano (TV's "The Sopranos"), featuring Joe Dosch, Travis Clark, Sean Green
#1 GOB Bluth (TV's "Arrested Development"), featuring guest Devin Blake (Comedian) and co-host Monika Scott (Comedian, Producer)